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Anne England

Anne England worked in the financial markets sector before joining a national recruitment company.

A great believer in personal integrity and strong business principles, Anne’s intention to align with like-minded colleagues is the strength behind Prytaneum Consulting.

Clients include Institutions, private firms and government agencies. To discuss opportunities you can contact Anne at

Angela Myers
Human Resources Consultant
MA (Management)

Angela provides expertise in general human resources having spent over 25 years in the human resources area of more than 12 of which were in a senior managerial role focusing on recruitment, redeployment and assessment and development functions both from an operational and strategic perspective.

Angela’s broad experience provides a sound base for managing the process for conducting organisational reviews and change management including communication, consultation and negotiation with stakeholders and the preparation of documentation and required reporting processes.

Experience in policy and procedures development and streamlining of functions and activities to meet organisational needs whether it be simply for better efficiency or to meet cost saving initiatives is also a strong.

In addition to conducting training and coaching to develop skills of individuals, Angela’s experience includes working with Managers and Supervisors at all levels on to how provide coaching, feedback and support to staff undergoing significant change in the workplace.

Other experience revolves around the operational management of a multi-disciplined team, liaison with key stakeholders such as government and unions, facilitating workshops and redesigning roles. 

Angela is passionate about assisting Managers to negotiate the politics and bureaucracy that can often be presented to those facilitating change in an organisation, in order to achieve the changes to make a real difference.