Our goal is to partner with clients on an exclusive basis.


Email: info@prytaneum.com.au


Successful recruitment comprises two key factors.

The first is the ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and needs of the client in relation to that role. You will benefit from our years of experience in recruitment to define the key selection criteria required to compile a detailed job description. It is crucial at this stage to look beyond the key competancies considered necessary and to also define the “cultural fit” within the team. A vital element to ensure a successful placement. 

The second is the implementation of an effective and proven process. Our process will be outlined in detail at our initial meeting where the most appropriate advertising methods for your company will be discussed. Also an  expected time frame  as well as an explanation of our terms and  “placement guarantee”.

To discuss benefits to your company, please contact us at info@prytaneum.com.au.